A Must Have WordPress Plugins


WordPress plugins make it easier for you to maintain your blog. Not all plugins are good. Some plugins don’t work as advertised in the description. Lousy plugins can also cause your blog to crash. It is important to always do research on the best plugins to install on your WordPress blogs. The following is a a must have WordPress plugins list.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast
WordPress SEO by Yoast is the top WordPress SEO plugin. It has more than 1 million downloads and numerous positive feedback from users. It has a rating of 4.5. The plugin lets you add title and meta for all the pages on your blog including the homepage. It can automatically social bookmark the new blog post on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. It can also generate XML sitemap for your blog.

2. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache can speed up the loading of your site by caching database queries and serving static pages. You can determine what pages are cached and the duration of the cached version. W3 Total Cache can reduce the size of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS by getting rid of the white spaces in the files. It can be integrated with a variety of CDNs such as Amazon CloudFront.

3. AntiSpam Bee
AntiSpam Bee will automatically send the spam comments into the trash. More than 200,00 users are using AntiSpam bee to get rid of spam comments. AntiSpam Bee is a good alternative to Akismet. You can set AntiSpam Bee to block visitors from certain countries. It can also block comments that are written in certain languages. It can help you to get rid of trackback spams on your blog. Just like all plugins, it will accidentally send the real comments into trash. You can train this plugin to behave properly on your blog by spending time to mark the good comments as not spam.

4. Duplicator
Duplicator is a useful plugin you can use to backup your site. There are a few requirements you need to pass before you can use the plugin. If you fail any of the requirement, you can find out how to resolve it by visiting the provided link. For example, if you fail at Zip Archive Enabled, you need to upgrade your PHP version. It can only archive your blog in zip format. There is no need to enable the database filters unless there are some pages you don’t want to include in the site backup.

5. SumoMe
SumoMe is an all in one plugin that bundles up a lot of free marketing and analytic tools. SumoMe focuses on 3 things including email opt-ins, social sharing and analytics. The plugin was created by Noah Kagan and the App Sumo team. The free version of SumoMe include tools such as list builder, scroll box, highlighter, smart bar, content analysis, image sharer and heat maps. The list builder is a pop up box that appear after visitors visited a few of your pages. The scroll box is a pop up that ask the visitor to submit their email address for newsletter subscription. The smart bar is an email opt in bar located on top of the page. SumoMe can display your Google Analytics stats conveniently without you having to log into your Google account.