Blogging is the freedom to express our selves or shall we say it has become the expression of freedom; freedom to speak our minds and the freedom to discuss whatever it is from the simplest of things, to how the sun rises every morning to most essential of things like democracy. To put it in rather technical terms, blogging or a blog is information or discussions published on the World Wide Web. These discussions are in the form of posts where the most current one appears first (also known as the reverse chronicle order). However we prefer the former definition than the later; it’s more liberating. So what do bloggers do? They simply speak their minds or discuss some rather important knowledgeable information and there’s no topic out there that bloggers around the world don’t cover.
How Blogging came into being:
On the seventeenth of December, year 1997 Jorn Barger, an American blogger, coined the term WEBLOG. Later, during the year 1999 Peter Merholz broke the word WBLOG into WE BLOG, while joking in his blogs’ side bar, after which he coined the term BLOG (short form for WEBLOG). Furthermore the term blog and bloggers gained popularity when they were used as nouns and verbs. There you have it, how the term blogging came into being.

The evolution of blogging

Here is an insight to how blogging today has evolved over the years. There used to be online diaries where the writers would refer to themselves as diarists, journalers and journalists. These writers would keep an account of their personal lives whilst constantly updating it. Personal blogging, blogging about and ranking other websites as well as wearable wireless webcam along with simultaneous blogging were some of the early blogs. But now the blogs have evolved from a rather technical and complicated blogging system to a much more sophisticated, advanced technology blogging system, providing writer and reader ease.
Following this ease in reading and writing blogs, blogging gained popularity and evolved as well as spread out rapidly. Everyone who is anybody is blogging and following various bloggers and their work. Blogging became and till date is still, a trend; important and famous companies started hiring and acknowledging bloggers and so blogging and bloggers both became an essential part of the economy as well as the community. Indeed an important aspect of the current scenario where you are allowed to easily speak that which you want to speak or discuss about.


To have become such an essential part of the economy as well as the community, blogging started to grow on people, impacting their lives and views. Blogging has the power to acknowledge, discredit and change the people’s views. 2002 was the year of the blog community when blogging stepped into the political boundary. Bloggers took part in analyzing and voicing their opinions regarding political figures, after which they became the key voice which could inform people of latest insights into politics and shed light on important issues as well as be the source to apply political pressure.