It does seem as though all there is to blogging is that you are allowed to freely speak your mind, however there is a lot more to blogging than just that; it is just not that simple. There are various kinds of blogging styles and types focusing and centralizing on specific topics that the bloggers are blogging about. These Different types of blogs are content specific and aim to deliver the content in context with the nature of the blog; similarly to how there are different types of essay styles in English Language. Here are some of the different and important types of blogs;

Personal blogs
The personal blog is written by an individual. It is basically a diary or commentary of a personal nature.

Collaborative blogs or group blogs
The collaborative blogs or group blogs are the type of blogs which are not written by an individual, rather written and published by more than one blogger. The main content of this type of a blog is usually a same theme such as politics fashion or technology. Currently the idea of collaborative blogging is widely spread and used as a means to come up with and increase variety and diversity in information as well as to maintain popular websites, attract and improve the readership.

Micro Blogging

Micro blogging is the type of blogging, where the blogger posts small parts of digital content on the Internet. These small parts of digital content may be pictures, short videos, texts or other Medias. Micro blogging basically aims to capture the attention as well imagination of the public by offering means of portable communication modes making it all feel very spontaneous. It allows people to communicate and keep in touch. Micro Blogging has now evolved and become rather sophisticated in terms of connectivity and usage; people now widely use micro blogging as a means of communication, socializing and connecting with friends and family. The examples of New Age Micro Blogging are social platforms like Facebook, Twitter as well as Tumblr.
Corporate and organizational blogs

Blogs are not just restricted to writing about generalized topics but the territory of blogs branch out into the corporate world as well. Corporate and Organizational blogs are blogs written for the mere purpose of business related aspects. These types of corporate and organizational blogs are written and used for marketing, public relations, branding and advertisement purposes as well as used as a means of communications within a corporate organization. Corporate culture needs a working and effective communicating system which is what Corporate and organizational blogs are for; helping improve internal communication.

Aggregated blogs

Aggregated blogs are types of blogs where the organization or an individual aggregates selected feeds on specific topics, that may be a topic alone or a product as well, and provides the reader with an overall informative view of the topic or product. The aggregation provides the reader with quality reading, specific and related content, allowing the reader to focus on reading rather than wasting time searching for the essential related information.