hosting types

Web hosting service basically allows organizations and / or individuals to help make their websites accessible through the World Wide Web. In a simpler term, to provide for websites the access and storage space it requires. Companies that provide the access and storage space for websites are called web hosts. They provide internet connectivity and a server.


There are many different kinds of web hosting services. Some of them are listed below.

Free Web Hosting Service: This type of web hosting service is provided by many companies. These companies are different with limited services and may also at times be supported by advertisements.

Shared Web Hosting Service: This type of web hosting service basically shares the server space of a website, with many other websites. The websites share the resources of a server such as the CPU and RAM. The number of websites shared on a server maybe in hundreds or even a few.

Reseller Web Hosting Service: The reseller web hosting service basically allows the clients to become the web hosts themselves. They may use their bandwidth and hard drive space to host third party websites. The reseller makes a profit by selling to customers, the purchased wholesale host services.

Dedicated hosting service: In this type of web hosting service the user does not own the server although he or she has full control over the server with root access for administrator access for windows. It is the least expensive kind of dedicated hosting plan is self managed or unmanaged where the client is responsible for his own dedicated server in terms of maintenance as well as security.
Managed hosting service: This is similar yet different from dedicated hosting service where the user owns the web server but he or she is denied root access for administration for windows and user is not allowed complete control over it; users can only manage data. Control is denied only so that the user may not create configuration problems and the provider may assure quality of service.

Colocation web hosting service: Colocation web hosting service is the most expensive and powerful kind of webhosting service. Basically the hosting company is responsible for the maintenance of the server and the physical space a server takes up like the internet access and storage facilities for the server; whereas, the user owns the colo server and has the responsibility for hardware changes or updates.

Cloud Hosting: This is a very latest type of a hosting which is based on utility billing and clustered load-balanced servers; ensuring the customers a very reliable and powerful hosting. Cloud hosting is known to be a reliable type of hosting in comparison to the alternatives because it is known for the cloud to compensate when any hardware piece stops working.

: Clustered Hosting is a type of hosting where same content is hosted through several servers; the result of which is Better resource utilization. Clustered hosting is known to be a solution for creating a scalable web hosting solution.