How to rank in google’s first page legally



Everyone’s wish is to rank for a specific keyword in the first page of google! This will bring you many visitors on your page and your earnings will explode. In this blog post I will tell you how to rank in google in the first page with a whitehat method (legally).

Ranking with a whitehat method in google’s first page:

Whitehat is called because it uses legal methods to rank on the first page of google. This means that once you rank in the first page you website will also stay there for a long time. This is also called the pain-method because it can take to long until you rank in the first page.

To start to follow my “tutorial” all you need is to have a blog or a website.

Create Backlinks

If you want to rank lats say for the keyword “responsive wordpress templates” you have to type your keyword in google search and collect the first 10 websites that are in the first page. Second, you should check those websites where are they create backlinks. How to do it? There is a great website called and here just type your competitors website and the website will explore where are they creating backlinks. All you need to do is to go to those websites and just start to create links for your website.

Am sure it is hard to do it alone, that’s why you will need someone to help you. I suggest hiring someone at so for $5 someone can work 2-4 hours and create those backlinks. Yes, you cant create them in one day, also not in one month but if you want to rank in google’s first page you really need to go through this process!

Create Unique Content

The most important thing in ranking in the first page of google is to have a great content. A unique one! All articles should have 500+ words and should contain min. 5x and max. 8 times the keyword you are targeting (the keyword you want to rank it). Those keywords should be 30% in bold 1x or 2x h4 and 2x in h3! This is the trick that really helps to get on the first page.

Install SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate really make 10% of the factors for ranking your keywords. This makes the website safe and google trust those websites.

On-Site SEO

The next factor for ranking your keyword on the first page is doing a on-site seo. This means that you have to optimize your website! You have to link your pages from other sites. You have also to optimize images and add description on images and in the description should be the keyword you are targeting. You have also to create meta description and there should be also the keyword you are targeting.

Use AdWords

AdWords is an advertising platform that is operated by google! They do not claim that this helps the keyword to be ranked faster but am talking from experience! This wont work without you complete the steps before.

Those are the factors that will rank your keyword on the first page.

How long does it takes to get ranked in the first page?  It depends how difficult is the keyword you are targeting and the competition! This may take 4 to 12 months to get in there and you will need some cash to do it. There are some great seo companies that we have tried and posted a blogpost about them. You can hire those guys and they do the pain-work for you.

If you have some other methods that YOU HAVE TRIED please contact us and we will list it to help everyone who is accessing our blog!