The concept of image hosting is very simple; it basically allows you or any individual to upload images to any website after which the uploaded image is stored on the image hosts server. It then shows different codes in order to allow others to view that image. How the Image hosting service works is also a very simple process. What they provide is upload interference; upload interference is a form through which the location of the image is specified by the up loader on his local computer file system. When the up loader presses submit, the image is uploaded onto the image hosts server. Some image hosts allow the up loader to upload more than one file in one session; this software is called the FTP software or may also upload one ZIP file containing multiple images. The image is hosted on the server after this process, meaning that the image is now available on the web or internet and the up loader is allowed to share links of the uploaded image. You may also create photo blogs / galleries with your images and create slide shows as well. Certain tools provided by the image host also include adding of notes and resizing the image to a user selected size. These image hosts are mostly free to use while certain image hosts don’t even require you to register. Most of these free hosts are supported by advertisements. There are some image hosts that provide only a paid service, who have generally rather better feature as well as services.


Similarly to image hosting service, video hosting service allows you to upload and share your videos. However with videos there is an addition to that basic definition – It basically allows you to you to upload and share videos and to watch them legally. You may upload a video of any kind, be it a tele-film, a short movie, a home movie, whatever you want to upload the content doesn’t matter and the video host will store the video on its server. In order to allow other people to view this video, the video host will show different kinds of embed codes. The video hosting website is also otherwise known as the video sharing website. A lot of people are now coming towards the Video hosting service since mankind is progressing and advancing with technology and internet. Video hosting services have now become a major source of entertainment for everyone, including and specially the music industry; whereas it has also been used as a means of education with online classes and educational tutorials through videos. If you are a video host then you are saved by three most important things; a hassle free experience where the up loader and the viewer doesn’t feel confused or bothered when it comes to viewing or uploading the video as well as while streaming the video. It will also eliminate costs completely by saving on bandwidth and saving on hosting costs all together.