Make Money Selling Hosting

Selling web hosting services is a great way to earn some extra income. Starting your own web hosting business from the scratch is not an easy task as there are a lot of equipments and hardware you need to buy. You also have to hire people to supervise your server and handle the customers’ queries. A cheaper way of entering into this field is to rent the server from a web hosting company. If you want to make money selling hosting, you need to get either a reseller or dedicated hosting. Reseller hosting is much cheaper compared to dedicated hosting but it offers lesser resources.

With a reseller hosting, the team at the web hosting company will handle the routine work of managing your server such as install updates, backup, install software and etc. If you choose a dedicated hosting, you will have to appoint your staff to run the server. If you don’t have any staff to manage the server, you can buy a fully managed dedicated hosting and let the team at the web hosting company manage the server.

The control panel of the reseller/dedicated hosting has everything you need to start your web hosting business. You will be able to set up individual accounts for your clients from your control panel. From your control panel, you will get an overview on the activities in your clients’ accounts.
You don’t have to worry when you encounter problem with the server as the technical support department can help you to resolve them. If your customer complain about having problem with the hosting, you can forward it to the customer support department of your web hosting company. You can brand the hosting with the name of your web hosting company. Most web hosting providers will let you keep the full profit from selling the web hosting services. Some providers may ask you for commissions.

Before selling the hosting services, you must first decide what types of hosting plans you want to offer. You can create the hosting plans based on the amount of resources in the reseller/dedicated hosting plans.

When deciding on the plans and pricing, you can take a look at the competitors’ sites. The plans you create must be competitive. The prices you set for the plans must be fair. After you have outlined the plans, you can create the different packages via the control panel. You can use a billing software such as WHMCS to manage the orders of your customers. You must not forget to post a Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage on your website.

After you have set up your web hosting business, make sure you promote it. You can advertise your business with advertising companies such as Google Adwords or BuySIteAds. To succeed in Adwords advertising, make sure you do research on cost effective keywords so that you won’t lose a lot of money on keywords that don’t convert into sales. Apart from online advertising, you can also promote your web hosting services at an internet marketing forum.