Search Engine Optimization is known as a process of maximizing a particular website’s visitors. This is done by making certain that the site appears high and more frequent on the result list returned by a search engine which is also known as organic or earned result and SEO may target different kinds of searches. The process and methods adapted for SOE involve very complex algorithms as well. There are about four methods of SEO, listed below.

Crawlers are internet bots that browses the World Wide Web very systematically for web indexing purposes. These crawlers are used to search for pages for the search results using algorithms, by leading search engines for instance Google and Bing. Linked pages from alternative search engine index pages are automatically found and so aren’t required to be submitted. While crawling a site the search engine crawlers may look other factors. Every page isn’t indexed by the search engine. A factor to be considered regarding whether or not a page should get crawled can be the distance of pages from the sites root directory.

Spiders are instructed by Webmasters to not crawl certain files to avoid unwanted content in search indexes. Webmasters instruct them through the standard robots.txt file in the domains root directory. Using a Meta Tag specific to robots, a page can be excluded from the database of the search engine. The first file crawled, when a site is visited by a search engine is the robots.txt which is located in the root directory. The robots.txt file is then parsed and will instruct which pages aren’t to be crawled. A cached copy of the file might be with the crawler and it may at times crawl those pages which the webmaster doesn’t want crawled. Login specific pages like shopping carts is an example of pages precluded from being crawled.

The prominence of a webpage can be increased within the search results through a variety of methods. To provide more links to essential pages may improve its visibility through cross linking between pages of the same website. Traffic can be increased through improvising Writing content, including keyword phrases which are frequently searched relevant to a wide variety of search queries. Can keep search engines crawling back by updating content frequently giving the site additional weight. Adding keywords to a web page’s meta data which are relevant, including the title tag and meta description, will tend to improve the site’s search listings relevancy, increasing traffic. The pages higher link popularity score can be achieved through URL normalization of web pages accessible via multiple URLS through using the canonical link element or via 301 redirects
White hat SEO are focused on creating content for user conforming to search engines guidelines, whereas black hat SEO attempts to improve rankings through deception in ways the search engines disapprove of. Grey hat SEO is also used which falls in the middle of black and white hat SEO approaches with methods that avoid penalization of the site but they don’t produce best content for users and rather focus more on search engine ranking improvements.