The Future of Hosting Might Just Be Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting and has become extremely popular in just a few years. Cloud hosting has one major advantage above other hosting services. It is completely reliable because it functions from a magnitude of different web servers. If one web server is down, your site and information can still function perfectly or be available from another web server. Cloud hosting is a fantastic option for both small and large enterprises because they offer tailor made packages to suit each sector. With all the benefits of cloud hosting, it can definitely be seen as the hosting server of the future.

What exactly is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is based on Cloud computing technologies that provide customers with a secure connected server through multiple servers that comprise a cloud. The main goal of Cloud hosting is so information can function as if on a network and be much more accessible by individuals or the public. With cloud hosting you can expect security from a multitude of servers and easy availability of needed resources such as RAM and space.

The benefits of Cloud hosting

There are a lot of benefits to Cloud hosting that will improve the overall functionality of your website and will make it a lot easier for your website to expand;

    • You get guaranteed server resources such as CPU, RAM and space so your site will function much better and faster
    • The system failures are quite unlikely since your site is hosted from several points for a more secure website
    • Your website can grow much more flexibly because there is a greater capacity for extra RAM and storage space
    • Cloud hosting is known to be much more affordable than most hosting companies for even large sites
    • You can enjoy a large amount of features for your site for a more engaging and interesting look
    • Customized solutions to suit any business unique needs
    • Easy information sharing due to Cloud hosting’s greater flexibility

Services you can enjoy from most Cloud hosting companies

Cloud hosting refers to a range of services such as;

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) A software distribution that is created by a service provider and made available to customers.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) A part of cloud computing services that provides a platform for customers to develop, run and manage web applications without the need to build their own infrastructure from scratch.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) This form of cloud computing provides virtualized computing resources over the internet.
  • HaaS (Hardware as a Service) Refers to managed services of grid computing and is often the most costly part about cloud hosting to smaller companies.
  • EaaS (Everything as a Service) This subscription model improves the overall security of platforms by encrypting sites and apps so client and web information will be safe and secure.

These services are different to ensure your potential cloud hosting provider is
speaking the same language as you. The main idea is that end users can access cloud-based applications as if they were located on a local network and accessing these servers from a web browser or mobile app.

Added services from cloud hosting companies

Cloud hosting companies have your business interests and needs in demand. They are much more focused on your needs which are also why they create custom packages to suit every business unique needs. Some of the services that you can rely on at most cloud hosting companies are;

  • An ultra-fast platform with sufficient SSD disks for resource efficiency and speed so your site can work well on any device and load quickly and effectively
  • Add as many resources to your server as you need in a click or auto-scale for traffic spikes without the need to reboot or update your site
  • Enjoy fantastic support twenty four hours a day so your site will be functional at all times
  • Your site will enjoy fully managed services to maintain the infrastructure and server software so you will not need to do day-to-day IT maintenance
  • Cloud hosting provides you with the best backup systems on a daily basis so no data will ever be lost from your account.
  • Your site can enjoy the best security from multiple resources so you and your client information will be safe and secure at all times.
  • Choose multiple datacenters for better accessibility in different locations.

Concerns for cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is still relatively new and thus has not been tested the way normal hosting servers have which is a concern on its own. Because cloud hosting is hosted from multiple servers, it provides greater security against account loss but also a greater risk for hackers who can access your details from one of these servers. The other concern about cloud hosting is the fact that you will never have full control over the data because the data and resources are assigned to you on a need basis. The benefits of cloud hosting do however seem to overshadow these concerns because Cloud hosting seems to be much more cost effective and reliable than most servers.

The future of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting may be tailor fitted and customizable but still have quite a steepfee for small businesses. If Cloud hosting want a larger foothold in the small business sector, the prices will have to come down somewhat. Over the last 4 – 5 years the pricing did come down a lot and the overall functionality of this hosting server improved a lot. With the decrease in prices and the increase in functionality, security and services, more and more businesses are sure to shift to cloud in the near future and enjoy the fantastic benefits of these servers.

How to choose the best Cloud hosting service?

The cloud hosting company that you decide on should firstly be experienced. Experience is usually what sets the great companies apart from the not so great ones. The company should also offer you added services such as email and phone support, a great RAM and CPU package, sufficient disk space and excellent Bandwidth so the site can operate well. You should also ensure that the cloud hosting company provides you with an affordable package that can be altered according to your companies growing needs.