The science of craft, also commonly known as technology, has become the most important part of our lives. It has consumed our minds and life in a way that we simply cannot imagine to live life without technology; the human race, its present and future relies on the advancement as well as consumption of technology. It is believed that further advancement of technology will enhance and enrich our lives, make our futures better and brighter which is why there are numerous brilliant minds working constantly to innovate and develop new technology. Everyone keeps talking about the future, constantly thinking about the future – future technology, future development, the future of mankind and so on – which is great don’t get me wrong; but have you ever wondered how this fascinating and extraordinary thing known as technology, that has completely changed and taken over our lives, came into existence? Intriguing isn’t it? So let’s take a minute or two out, to go back into the past; Let us enlighten and educate ourselves about the science of craft and how it all began.

The science of craft – Technology has a history of its own and an important one at that. I believe that just how students are taught world history, similarly, they should be educated about the origin and history of technology; everyone should acquire the basic knowledge regarding how the tool for evolving, enhancing and shaping our present and future, came into existence, shouldn’t they? So welcome to Tech 101!

It is said that it all began with a conversation; the use of technology was originated from a conversation regarding the conversion of natural resources into simple tools in prehistoric times. Dating back to 2.5 million YA till 10,000 BC, known as the Paleolithic; when the science of craft was discovered and early humans started evolving with the creation of stone tools, discovering how to control and utilize fire which was the turning point for mankind’s technological evolution along with clothing and shelter which helped humanity progress as well as expand into further regions.

Then began the new Stone Age, with a timeline from 10,000 BC to 300 AD, otherwise referred to as the Neolithic period; when technology began to progress and evolve further and mankind evolved and expanded further. The progress was introduction to agricultural systems, an increasing sophistication in the lifestyle of humans, an increasing population which lead to an increase in labor and the change from Neolithic villages to the first cities as well as civilizations. The continued progress let to the discovery of metals (gold copper silver lead), innovation of metal tools and the creation of furnaces and bellows. Other technological advances followed and mankind progressed in energy and transportation technologies such as sail boats and wheels.

Mankind has constantly and rapidly evolved and progressed since then, from the medieval technological era to the renaissance technological era, the Industrial and second industrial revolution to the 20th century; which is known as the era of innovation, discovery and creation. Interesting wasn’t it? How one conversation, millions of years ago created, changed and shaped the entire human race. If you think about it, that conversation has never ended since, nor shall it ever.