Top Cheap VPS Providers 2018

You don’t necessarily have to pay a lot of money to buy a VPS plan. If you do some research, you will be able to find VPS providers that are offering VPS hosting plans under $15. The following is a list of the five top cheap VPS providers.

1. Misterhost.NET
Misterhost.NET offers 5 types of VPS plans. The most basic plan, Virtual Server M offers 1 GB RAM and 50 GB hard drive for just $4.99 per month. All plans feature unlimited bandwidth. Misterhost VPS plans are available on Linux and Windows platforms. Their VPS servers are located in one of the most modern data centers in France with DDoS Protection. They will automatically backup your data and store them for up to 2 weeks. They provide 24/7 hotline for free of charge. Misterhost VPS plans feature cPanel, full root/administrator access, cron jobs, and MySQL 5. You can install your own custom applications. It supports three types of script languages including PHP 5, Perl and Python.

Tighthost offers both semi managed and fully managed VPS plans. The most basic plan, Snappy 500, offers 512 MB RAM and 25GB hard disk at $19.95. The price of the first year is $11.97 per month. Every VPS plans come with 2 IP addresses. It offers cPanel control panel for the fully managed plan. You will get full root access to customize the server in any way you want. Hostgator VPS plans are hosted on Dell servers that are equipped with 2 Nehalem class CPUs.

3. Host4Half
Host4half offers tier based VPS hosting plans. The tier 1 VPS plan offers 1 GB RAM and 50 GB hard disk for just $13.50 per month. All VPS plans are fully managed. Hostwinds uses KVM virtualization to guarantee the isolation of the resources. They don’t oversell the serve bandwidth on the VPS server. Hostwinds uses the tornado tracker and Windshield to protect the server from hackers. They guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. Clients can easily upgrade the RAM, CPU and hard disk when their websites expand.

4. 1Site
1Site offers 4 types of hosting including standard, enhanced, premium and ultimate. The standard plan offers 2 GB RAM and 30 GB hard disk space for just $14.99 per month. 1

Site VPS hosting uses KVM to ensure that the resources are always available for use. The enhanced cPanel allows you to manage your websites without the requiring assistances from the admin. The control panel has all the features that are available on the shared hosting cPanel. There are also special tools for WHM control and VPS management. The VPS plans are optimized for WordPress. Advanced users can gain full root access to CentOS via the cPanel. 1Site VPS supports a variety of scripts including PHP 5.4, Perl 5,10, Python 2.6.6, Ruby on Rails and MySQL 5.5.

5. DreamHost
DreamHost offers a much more cost effective VPS plan compared to other providers. DreamHost VPS plan starts at $15 per month. Their VPS plans are hosted on servers equipped with SSD hard drive that are 20 times faster than SATA hard drive. They guarantee a 100% uptime for customers. DreamHost VPS supports features such as SSH, SSL, Python and Node.js. They offer 24/7 ticket support for customers. You can also get immediate response to your questions by posting a thread at the DreamHost forum. DreamHost VPS plans are covered with a 97 days money back guarantee.