Top Webhosting Forums on the internet


Without webhosting forums it will be really hard to find the right answer regarding your issue on your server! Today we will explore the best webhosting forums so you can join and enjoy your time posting and reading.

What are the Webhosting Forums?

Webhosting forums are communities that connects many users together and makes your life easier by finding the right hosting provider, posting positive or negative reviews regarding your hosting provider or ask for help to fix a issue with your server.

Best Webhosting Forum List:

lowendtalk-forum is the best hosting forum on the internet those days. They are specialized in VPS plans under $7 and this trend is leading those days. LowEndTalk is a forum where you can talk with professionals of the hosting industry. Moreover is a free speech forum! You will not get banned if you post your idea like in some other forums. To join the forum, a moderator should activate your account.


Webhostingtalk is the oldest hosting forum on the internet. It is online since 2003 and this makes to be the most biggest hosting forum. There are many users online at the same time and you can get many professional answers regarding your server faults or finding the best provider. Webhostingtalk is moderated by very strange moderators since years, you could get banned very quickly by breaking the forum rules and you could not join again anymore.


HostingClerks is the newest forum in our list. It is one of the fastest growing communities online and this makes HostingClerks to be listed in our Blog and a TOP HOSTING FORUM. HostingClerks is founded in year 2013 and is moderated by very liberal moderators so you can post your links, post reviews or ask the community for some help without any problem. No minimum posts are required to start a thread like some other forums do. Your account will be created within seconds and you are ready to post.


A web hosting forum for the industry professionals and enthusiasts, discussing general hosting, reseller opportunities, VPS and dedicated solutions, cloud hosting, domain names, software, hardware and other technical and operational issues. Includes an extensive web hosting marketplace.


I hope you got some idea where to create your account! Follow the community rules and enjoy the community!

If you are a member of a forum or forum owner and want to list the community here, please contact us so we can list it.