What are the Three Best Technology Blogs?

Technology blogs 2016

Technology blogs provides the latest technology information for the digital community. It can be difficult to know which technology blog is the best source for tech news as there are hundreds of blogs on the web. The following are the 3 best technology blogs to follow.

1. Tech Crunch


Tech Crunch offers the latest technology news and deals daily. Tech Crunch is a great technology blog with user friendly layout. You can find reviews on all kinds of technology stuff including mobile phone, computer, and gadgets. Tech Crunch is recommended for all who want to keep up to date with the latest technology news.

2. Engadget


Engadget is a pioneer in gadget review niche. It offers one of the most comprehensive gadgets reviews in the past and present. The reviews on the gadgets are short but they offer detailed and accurate information. Engadget is also a great site for people who want to stay up to date with the latest technology news.

3. Gizmodo


Gizmodo provides the most up to date news on geek related stuff such as gadgets and computers. The writing style of the blog post on Gizmodo is humorous. Gizmodo is recommended for people who are looking for an idea on what gadget to give as Christmas present.