technology leaders

Tech leaders are those brilliant and influential personalities that stop at nothing when it comes to technological advances and innovation. They always have some new trick up their sleeves surprising and inspiring us tech geeks with the latest technologies discoveries and inventions. They are a force to be reckoned with and have only one ambition and vision; to ensure technological progress and advancement. However the tech industry is one competitive and rapidly evolving industry, where basically everyone’s constantly innovating and progressing, so we have narrowed it down to a handful of the most influential and inspirational tech giants that rule the tech world and why (In no particular order and ranking).

Amazon; Rings a bell? By your side since 1994, the largest internet based retailer of the United States of America; its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is one of the tech giants who rules the tech world. Jeff started Amazon as an online book store and then expanded to downloading and streaming basically everything, from MP3 to audio books, videogames and even software along with selling DVD’s, apparels, jewelry – you name it, Amazon has it. It has now become the world’s largest cloud infrastructure services (IaaS) provider and now also produces consumer electronics such as Fire tablet, Amazon Kindle e-readers, and Fire TV. He rules because since he started this he has continued to evolve and diversify his company.

Our next leader is Jony Ive; the maestro who created the Apple watch. He is Apple’s chief design officer and is not only praised but worshipped for its exquisite and elegant design. Making waves with his ingenious design, he is a force to be reckoned with in the smart watch space. His innovation and creative design has set the bar high in the smart watch space, which became the reason why The Apple watch is said to be considered as a benchmark for smart watches.


The leader who sets an example for all the other leaders and the one who rules the entire tech industry, the giant of the giants, the one who sits on the tech king throne – a man who sets the bar and example extremely high in all aspects for the entire tech industry; Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO. Satya Nadella is a tech giant who never fails to impress everyone with his constant innovation and brave power moves to ensure not just the stability but progress of his company. His big moves to enhance and make changes to the fundamental business model of Microsoft has impressed everyone making waves in the tech industry, resulting in Microsoft being positioned as a platform-centric company by launching Microsoft’s Windows 10. This big move proves that Satya is Tech King and this isn’t just it for him yet; he has very different development plans for Microsoft in the future. We expect nothing less than innovation at its finest from Satya Nadella and can’t wait to see what new trick he has up his sleeves.