feature of wordpress

WordPress was founded by Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little and it was released on May 27, 2003. WordPress, in a technical term, is a free and open source content management system. In a not so technical term, it is a blogging software which anyone can install and use. It is known to be a great tool for numerous writers as well as bloggers; Technically, anyone who wanted to have a platform and a voice of their own to talk about and discuss whatever it is that they wanted to discuss or make others aware of, can use WordPress. There are countless or shall we say millions of websites that use wordpress; up till April the figure was 60 million, making it the utmost popular blogging system yet. Here’s a fun fact about wordpress: all of the WordPress releases and upgrades starting after the second version 1.0, were codenamed after famous jazz musicians.


The most essential and popular features of WordPress, apart from its blogging feature of course, are its Themes and plug-ins. WordPress is innovative and creativity at its finest indeed, allowing the users to choose as well as switch between templates of themes. The wordpress user is given a wide range of variety to choose from allowing the user to enhance the overall look of his blog and attract readers towards it. These themes are available to be installed and it is ensured that adding a theme to your website will not affect or slow down the site. Themes fall into two categories; free themes or premium themes. You may find all the free themes there are, listed under the wordpress theme directory whereas premium themes may be purchased from individual wordpress developers and market places. If neither of these options suits you and you are insanely skilled and talented, you may customize the theme by developing and creating your own wordpress theme.
Another essential feature of WordPress is the Plug-ins feature, where the user is able to extend and enhance the website or blogs features as well as functionality. It allows the users to customize the accessibility and functionality of their website according to their specific needs and visitors. WordPress has more than 40,501 plug-ins; no wonder why it’s the most popular blogging system yet. The wide range of customization includes content displaying features such as widgets and navigation bars to content management, client portals used to display private information to logged in users, systems and search engine optimization as well. There are other features as well including text templates, formatting and styling of text, as well as various editing features. It also features integrated link management and clean permalink structure.


Can it seriously get better than what it is now? It may not come as a surprise to you but it has already been taken to the next level. Matt Mullenweg believes, and we believe he is right, that the future of wordpress is in wordpress being application software for mobile phones, with WordPress available to manage and use instantly. With everyone now owning and using a Smartphone, it is quite the obvious and bright future.