WordPress Vs HTML5

wordpress vs html5

This post has been written by James Brands @WilliCreative a web design and digital marketing agency which helps businesses grow online.

WordPress uses PHP and is largely based upon a MySQL database. It is like a collection of tools that everyone can use to build their own website- plugins, themes and admin background are all included. HTML5, on the other hand, is a language you can use to build your website. You use HTML codes to generate an admin background, to make themes and generally, to tell the website which text and pictures go where.

Benefits Of Using WordPress

SEO Purposes

Traffic is essential to a website’s well-being. A website primarily needs to let people know it exists by means of SEO, or being visible to people who use search engines. WordPress is a very friendly platform when it comes to SEO, as it includes numerous tools and plugins you can use even if you’re not an expert in this field.


Aside from being SEO-friendly, WordPress is also beginner-friendly, which makes it the go-to platform for newbies. It is built to be intuitive and easy to manage, and there are already millions of people using this platform. If you find yourself stumped, simply ask experienced people in forums for help.

Less HTML Requirements

Once you’ve built your website, it is time to make it pleasing to the eyes by adding in themes and design plugins. WordPress eliminates the tediousness of HTML coding by offering its users a wealth of plugins and themes at WordPress.org. It is definitely possible to create a professional-looking website without any training in programming languages.

Benefits Of Using HTML5


Creating your own plugins or themes in an HTML5 platform is very time-consuming, but there’s a solution in the form of paid themes. HTML5 customized themes are plenty and they are cheap; more often than not, they cost around $20 less than WordPress themes. This fact also rings true in the plugins department.


All the things you can see on a website can be created using HTML5 language. For this reason, you can create anything that you can think about- one of a kind website themes, unique admin backgrounds and post formats. Your website is your virtual oyster, to say the least.


A website’s security is essential given this time of hackers and online exploiters. A malicious interruption sometimes is enough to cause massive headaches such as downtime and loss of profit. A website creator needs to protect his site by checking on it often, and utilize HTML5. Hackers won’t be able to crack your codes because the language is entirely written by you. The level of security therefore, is the level of your programming and coding.


In conclusion, WordPress platforms are for those who wish to create a beautiful website without any know-how, while HTML5 should be the choice for those who want a truly unique site. But if you combine both WordPress and HTML5 together, you’ll be able to create a website that makes use of the best of both worlds.