Blogs are your voice, just what you need to make the entire world hear you and view your thoughts. And always use the best when it comes to doing so thus we use WordPress; the most popular and trusted blogging service which allows you take ownership and control and create your own world. Let us help guide you to use wordpress in order to create your own website or blog.

STEP NUMBER ONE: Access the wordpress website and get started
Type in your google search engine and press search; you will notice a link appearing with the websites name. Simply click on that and the wordpress website will open. You will notice a sign saying get started, it will allow you to initially setup your website or blog. It asks you what your site is about; simply answer accordingly. It’s a piece of cake right?

STEP NUMBER TWO: choose Layout and design of your website
they present three different kinds of layout design for your website. Simply pick one that suits the nature of the blog and move on the next step.

STEP NUMBER THREE: choose suitable theme
now to the more exciting part; you may choose a theme that highlights best what your blog is about but don’t worry you can always switch between themes right?

STEP NUMBER FOUR: Selection of domain name
in this step you are provided with two options; you pick either a free domain name which is a wordpess address or a custom domain name. Keep in mind that this domain name cannot be changed.

Now you must choose if you want to use wordperss for free or can pay for its usage. (Paying for the domain means you get extra features which aren’t available to free users)

STEP NUMBER SIX: Create your account
Now all you have to do is create your account; choose a username and password and you have your own website and blog. You will be sent an email with a link for activating your blog. Click on that link and it will open a new window known as the Dashboard – your new best friend. It will help you edit your blog and layout.

STEP NUMER SEVEN: Title your blog
notice on the left of your dashboard you will see the options to go to ‘settings’, click on that tab and then select ‘General’. The setting tab has several of editing options for you to edit and customize your blog. Explore these options and try to get familiar with the dashboard. Click on each option one by one and see what options it has.

STEP NUMBER EIGHT: Unleash your creativity
Click on the Appearance tab to the left of your dashboard. This tab will help you play with colors and themes and guess what? You can change it anytime and match it with the content of you blog. It is one of the most essential yet exciting features of WordPress.

Now that all of the important steps have been covered, the website is yours to manage and explore; this platform was meant to allow you to be at your most creative, so create and inspire.